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In memory of September 11, 2001

Welcome to my Fun Battles Spirit Page of Friends

Below is a quilt of all the friends I support 

A Breeze of an Angel

A Webby's Free Greeting Cards Angels, Pegasus, Dragons and More 

Aaron's Pokemon World

Amatuer Poets Group

Caring Women of the World

Emma's Butterfly Creations

Maralyn's Poetry Pages

Vanessa's Unicorn Dreams


Abril's Pages


Angels 2001


Granny's Fun Pages

Jessica's Fun Land

 Mistist Land

Nancy's Unicorns

Sierra's Disney Fun Land

Anime Index Art by Oldrabbit.

Belgian Lover's Dog Palace

Crystal Wolf's Art Fantazy

Little Ferrets of Paradise

Blues Graphics

Book of Wisdom and Magick Buffy in Chains

Catlinn Storm's Home Page

Catlinn's Web Home

Chantilly Lace

For the Love of Aphrodite

The World of Emerald Fae

Clueless's Mythology Haven    
Dragonthorn's Lair Desktop Delights Desert Flower's Web Site Duke's Digs Dylans Dragonball Z
Fairy Ariana's Castle FieryWench and Synbad and Our Love Story  Gentle Touch's Web Hames Family Bama Football Site Heaven's Children
In Loving Memory of My Daddy

The Realm Of Fairy Navy Brat

Ivory Moon's Wiccan Cauldron Judy's World

Judys World VE Group


Kathy's Kountry Korner Kelly's Place

Kim's Place

Little Angel Suzi Lorraine's Lakes Lure of the Vampire 

Mielikki's Home

Through the Darkness

Tribute to my brother Curt


Magic Kingdom of Arcania

Magic Kingdom of Arcania


My Angel Chris

My Moo Cow Pages Mythyc Knights


Please Save the Children Princess Ramses & Friends Release Me



haron's Home

Shari's Xena Page Shauna's Xena Realm

Sondra's Petz Adoption Centre

Sondra's Poetry

Sweet Home Alabama A Touch Of Scottish

The Lake, Snow and Special Effects Site!

The Order of Croodzi

The Novelty Shop

The Realm of the Dragon's Breath
Rebecca Brandewyne's Ravenscroft Castle: Journey Through the Mists Cheyelle's Place The Wishing Well Wendy's World of Richard Marx
Andrew's Webpage;all about Tigers        

About Fun Battles & About the Teams

Friends I  Support

Gifts I received

Fun Battles Adoptions

Awards I received

Gift for you & my voting page

Great Places to find Support

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