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DRW's Kevin Smith Dedication Snowglobes

Come with me to gather
Love from up above
Jesus waiting for your soul
His Heart so filled with love

Now the journey over
Your new life now begins
Love within horizon
With angel's guarded wings

Come a little closer
Pass the portal here
Love in new beginning
Friends and family near

Step into the heavens
Peace will touch with grace
Sorrows gone forever
Memories erased

Love will gather round you
Welcome sweet repair
Arms of Jesus holding
His Heart the joy you wear

Come to me I'll help you
I'm reaching for your hand
Bring you love forever
Within God's promised land.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission


These Snowglobes were made in Honor of  Kevin Smith who played 
Ares in Hercules, Xena Warrior Princess, and Young Hercules
He also starred in other movies & television shows which I'm sure he was great in.
On February 6th 2002 he fell from a roof  6 stories high and died on February 16, 2002 in his sleep
He leaves behind his wife & 3 sones ages 11,9 and 3 years old as well as lots of friends & Fans who lov ehim alot.

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