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Welcome to my adoption shop

Here you will find snow globes of various actors, actresses, singers & Musicians

Most of the snow globes I make are requested by my visitors 

Due to time restraints I have not been able to make any requested snow globes and may not be able to for a while so I am no longer taking any request. I will just make globes when I have time. 

I have made 2 new snow globes

1 of Mel Gibson on the beach in is suit, very hot!

and the other of Good Charlotte

You'll find Mel under our Various Actors Page and Good Charlotte on our various bands page.


Aragorn = mine!
Your soul mate is Aragorn, aka Strider. He's one
heck of a swordsman and also doesn't look
incredibly clean. On the upside, if you marry
him you get to live in a castle! The downside
is, he's already dating Arwen. Don't worry
though, I'm sure you can take her. ;)

Which LotR guy is your soulmate?
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 Ah, Kingly Aragorn. Good choice.
Kingly Aragorn

What Lord of the Rings Male and Mood Do You Desire?

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You are Arwen!

Which Female LotR Character are You?
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Thank you Desertflower for this beautiful globe